Protect Our Plug

WSSA Voices Concerns Over RRC-ITRR Outdoor Recreation Study

EXCERPT: Highway 212 is ‘the heart and core’ of the Beartooth Mountains snowmobile trail system which, according to the UW study, accounts for over $7.8 million in annual trip and equipment expenditures in the Beartooths/Park County area. So, we remain heavily vested in trying to keep this trail system viable and offer the assistance of our local club members to help do whatever it takes to keep this particular trail system fully open. This includes the section of Highway 212 that’s often referred to locally as “the plug” between Cooke City and Pilot Creek.

Plowing this roadway “the Plug” would likely eliminate half of the existing revenue for the Beartooths snowmobile trail system since, on average; half is generated annually from permit sales in Cooke City. With the roadway plowed and the trail’s connectivity eliminated, there would be no opportunity or reason for riders from Wyoming to go to Cooke City, or vice versa. This is why we encourage a replacement trail to keep out two trail systems connected. This isn’t as easy as just dropping the plow even though some people think so. There are many governmental agencies that need to be involved.