Protect Our Plug

Protect Our Plug

An organization protecting "The Plug" in Cooke City, Montana

Our Mission

"To preserve and protect Cooke City's unique winter heritage and recreational access to our mountains."

What is "The Plug"

“The Plug” is a 9 mile stretch of Highway 212 and one of the snowiest mountain passes in Montana. From Pilot Creek, WY to Cooke City, it’s the main groomed trail for recreational access to the backcountry and remains unplowed October – May.

Where the road ends the adventure begins!

Current Campaign

1) Our vital snowmobile and ski economy depend on keeping Highway 212 “The Plug” unplowed until the creation of an equivalent replacement “Trail A” snowmobile trail (size & distance), and two USFS-approved parking lots are built.

PARC wants to drop the plow and open the road now without any proper planning or infrastructure. What’s the rush? After 40 years why not open it the right way? 
When we plow the plug responsibly, everyone wins.

We welcome discussion with parties interested in plowing the plug and believe our voices should have equal representation at local, state, and federal meetings. 

2) Transparency on why Xanterra, PARC, Cody WY, Red Lodge, Livingston, and Gardiner MT, have any interest in opening our road? And what is the rush to “drop the plow” without any proper planning or infrastructure?

3) Previous Campaign: We fully Support Cam Sholly and Yellowstone National Park’s Plan to open the Northeast Gate by October 15, 2022, or prior to the Winter Snowmobile season of 2022/2023. Accomplished!

Did You Know?

We have a plan to plow The Plug responsibly!