Protect Our Plug

LETTER: Cooke City’s isolation is an asset, not a detriment

As seen in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle: The news about plowing the Plug in Cooke City (“End of the Road” Feb. 19) brought to mind sage advice from a 99-year-old friend. When I asked how to age wisely she replied, “Stay true to who you are and be grateful for that.” I also thought … Read more

LETTER: Keep Cooke City a ‘well-kept secret’

As seen in the Livingston Enterprise Editor: The Jan. 24 guest column proposing that “plowing the plug” would somehow make deserved progress available to Cooke City seems to be lacking another, more traditional perspective. Admittedly, this a persuasive article. However, as a lifelong visitor to Cooke City and other mountain towns throughout the West, it … Read more

LETTER: People want to commercialize Cooke City, in other words, “Xanterra-ize” it.

Don’t plow “the plug.” The quaintness of Cooke City will disappear forever. The plug has never been plowed. It’s part of what makes Cooke City special. There are some people who want to commercialize Cooke City and turn it into another West Yellowstone with more chain hotels, fast-food restaurants, and in other words, “Xanterra-ize” it. … Read more

A Visitors Perspective

“As I understand them, the issues seem to be safety (sharing the road with snow machines and cars/trucks,) impact on wildlife and preserving the charm and uniqueness of CC/SG. That brings in tourist dollars too, but if Cooke becomes just another small town instead of where the road ends and the adventure begins, we’ve lost … Read more

LETTER: Plowing The Plug

Letter to the Editor: Plowing the Plug? The Cody Country Snowmobile Association would like to introduce ourselves. Our organization was incorporated in 1973. We have members throughout Park County and parts of Montana. We maintain the Beartooth Mountain Snowmobile Trail System we also own and maintain a Safety Shelter that is located at lsland Lake in the Beartooths. Our trail system connects to the trail system in Cooke City, Montana. With the connection of these two trail systems, we have over 100 miles of groomed or marked trails. You can snowmobile in both states on one trail. Grooming is paid for by RecreationalTrails Grants and Snowmobile User Fees, lf you like to play in the snow, Cross Country Ski, Snowshoe, Fat Tire Bike, or Dog Mush the trails are available for everybody’s use. For some folks to say “Plow the Plug” without fully understanding the ramifications is disturbing to us. This … Read more

Health & Safety Letter to Governor Gianforte

November 26, 2022 Governor Greg GianforteP.O. Box 200801Helena, MT 59620-0801 Dear Governor Gianforte: Health and safety are being touted by some in the campaign to plow the 9-mile section of Highway 212, “The Plug”.  Everyone is entitled to and has a private opinion on the benefits of plowing, not plowing, or plowing responsibly, but “health … Read more