Protect Our Plug

Northeast Entrance Road Residential Use of the OGR Starts 10/15/22

The Old Gardiner Road (OGR) will be ready for public travel no later than November 1. Realizing that individuals often need access to services in Gardiner, MT, and surrounding communities, the park will allow Cooke City/Silver Gate residents to conduct personal travel over the Old Gardiner Road (OGR) during the restricted travel window times.

Plowing “the plug”: The park will work with Wyoming to keep the road between Cooke City and Highway 296 (aka “the plug”) open and accessible to residents and regular vehicle traffic until the OGR opens. The anticipated opening is no later than November 1. Once the OGR is open, plowing the plug will stop.

You can download the PDF on traveling the OLD and all rules and info HERE.