Protect Our Plug

Gardiner Winter Tourism and The Plug

 “Opening roads don’t mean tourists will come. There are many other factors at play that are out of the control of any chamber, business, agency, or individual.”

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An excerept from “Gardiner sees slow start to winter tourism” : You’ve heard it before. If you build it, they will come. Well, that doesn’t seem to be working out for tourism businesses in Gardiner so far this winter. According to a half dozen business owners we spoke with, the first month of the winter season wasn’t as strong as business owners wanted.

“It’s definitely been a kind of slow, rough winter,” said Terese Petcoff the Gardiner Chamber of Commerce Executive Director. Others echoed that.

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“If we do not plow the plug responsibility and we lose our proven winter economy by putting all our eggs in the winter wildlife watching basket, we become more vunerable to unpredictable outside factors just like Gardiner.”