Protect Our Plug

LETTER: Make no mistake, ‘The Plug’ is not orphaned

Published 11/21/22 in The Cody Enterprise The road through Yellowstone from Cooke City to Gardiner, Mont., is open year-round so as not to disenfranchise Cooke City area residents from their county seat of Livingston. There is no other reason the road is plowed in winter. A portion of the highway east of Cooke City to … Read more

Billings Gazette Letter to the editor: Letter writer has facts wrong

A letter to Editor from Cooke City Exxon Employee Joelle Passerello posted 11/13/22 claims Ben Zavora, owner of the Cooke City Sinclair and Beartooth Powder Guides does not live in Cooke City. Zavora and his wife Vanessa Shaw reside on Main Street year-round and are on-site owner/operators of both of their thriving Cooke City businesses, … Read more

Cody Enterprise Letter: There are no parking lots in Plug corridor

Letter to the editor featured in the Cody Enterprise 11/16/22 To the editor: Stephen Dow’s Nov. 9 article needs clarification. In his piece, Stephen ignores any concerns about plowing the section of US 212 east of Cooke City known as the Plug, These valid concerns include loss of access to public lands; parking and traffic … Read more

Upper Yellowstone Snowmobile Club in Opposition of Year-Round Plowing of Highway 212.

Year Round Plowing of Highway 212 (The Plug) This letter is written in opposition of Year-Round Plowing of Highway 212 “The Plug”. As some will notice, this letter is virtually the same as the one written in 2021 on the same subject. The reason is nothing has changed. We are still at the same logistical impasse as we were in 2012, all … Read more

WSSA Shows Support On Behalf of 17 Local Snowmobile Clubs and Members

Letter to Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon. An excerpt: Several decades ago, the WSSA was instrumental in developing various local areas into what has become the great statewide network of snowmobile trails we currently have across Wyoming. And WSSA and our local clubs are particularly proud of the fact that this winter trail system that we … Read more